The Leadership Circles Program

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Studies show that 1 in 4 companies fails to retain top talent; and even if they stay, 50-60% of top talent are not doing their best work. The Leadership Circles Program™ is designed for Fortune 500 companies (like MetLife, Microsoft, Adobe, and Intuit) who are concerned about their need to attract, engage and retain top performers.

Remove a woman 2Leadership Circles is a year-long leadership development program helps companies engage top talent and maximize their potential by teaching leaders how to align their individual goals with those of the organization, creating a win/win for organizations and giving them a competitive advantage.

When they do that, participants’ productivity increases by as much as 45%, leaders overachieve sales goals by 125-400%, and their performance improvements elevate leaders into the top 5% of their organizations.

As a result, companies create conditions that gain the loyalty of their leaders and become best places to work.

Furthermore, they receive a full return on investment, as the program pays for itself within the year.

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Imagine…Your top talent is engaged, happy, and performing at their peak.

Your effective leadership development approach means you can fill leadership positions with your best talent while cultivating an abundance of talent for future generations of leadership.

You are attracting the best and the brightest in your industry.

You have become an employer of choice.

Below you will find links that will show you how take the next step in becoming an effective, driven leader. These include a look into the distinguished 1-year Leadership Circles Program designed for any leader who wants to further attract, engage, and retain top talent, as well as a program designed exclusively for women in leadership.

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