Success Stories

Over time, the stress of success can take a toll on leaders. They can become discouraged, even depressed, lose motivation, and burn out, at a high cost to the organization and an even higher cost to themselves.

See if this feels familiar. You are talented, high-achieving, and committed to success. Yet, despite your achievements…

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Endorsements & Reviews

“Leadership Circles has inspired individuals here at Adobe to seek out new leadership opportunities. That has a very positive impact in the organization, beyond the program itself.”

Donna Morris
Senior Vice President,
People and Places,

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The Team

Leadership Circles is delivered by an experienced team of presenters, facilitators and coaches certified to deliver research-based programs that get results.

“I AM SO HAPPY and you played a significant role in my promotion! Leadership Circles helped me see the possibilities of the opportunity that was presented to me, but more than anything, it gave me the confidence to jump on it. Thank you for your support.”  

Jenn Hathaway
Product Manager
San Jose, CA

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The Leadership Circles Program

Leadership Circles is a year-long leadership development program helps companies engage top talent and maximize their potential by teaching leaders how to align their individual goals with those of the organization, creating a win/win for organizations and giving them a competitive advantage.

When they do that, participants’ productivity increases by as much as 45%, leaders overachieve sales goals by 125-400%, and their performance improvements elevate leaders into the top 5% of their organizations.

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