The Inner Edge

Your best talent is leaving.

Leading business magazines, academic journals and research studies report 50-60% of your top talent aren't giving you their best.

Between lost productivity, expensive onboarding, a poor reputation, and a loss of talent, the revolving back door is costing you a fortune.

What if you could engage talented leaders instead, as committed partners to the success of the company?

The Leadership Circles Program has been implemented successfully in industries where talent is critical to the success of the business, like technology and finance, including companies like MetLife, Intuit, Microsoft and Adobe.

The program has generated impressive results, including sales increases of up to 75% and performance improvement that moves leaders into the top 5% of their organizations.


Joelle K. Jay, Ph.D.
Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Author
Principal, Leadership Research Institute
Jan Day Gravel
Executive coach, Keynote Speaker, and Author
Senior Consultant, Leadership Research Institute
“We build high performing global teams, and in order to do that, we want to attract the best talent in the market. When we provide an environment that supports growth and development, our employees are even more engaged and will continue to recruit exceptional talent into the company. It helps drive Adobe's business. It's a double win.”

Matt Thompson Executive Vice President, WorldWide Field Operations Adobe